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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  January 22, 2014 1:35am-2:06am EST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] ha ha ha ha! craig: we got to go. sorry, canada. good night.
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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. if you're looking for great videos, we've got them, "right this minute." when smoke from a forest fire covers a highway -- >> what do you think is going to happen? >> how drivers going full speed ahead get a nasty surprise.
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>> saw that coming, but you didn't see that coming. >> you ruined my life. you ruined my childhood. do you realize that? i was only 12 years old when i met you. >> a young mom decides to post a video of the moment -- >> she gets the woman she claims abused her on the phone. >> you should be so ashamed and so disgusted with yourself. >> i am. >> thery sto behind the confrontation that's striking a nerve on the internet. rescuers reach a cat on a power pole and that's when -- >> they found the information to its owners. >> see how one daring rescue leads to one happy reunion. and a stark reminder -- >> to leave the pole dancing to the professionals. >> why it's a lot harder than it looks. could have conked somebody right in the head. >> yeah, well -- hate to makeuch a broad generalliamsh t people that drive in russia don't consider the consequences sometimes. here the first video i've got to
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show you is looks like a brush fire off to the side. smoky conditions. now, smoky conditions i would equate to foggy conditions, okay? visibiliotty n asgood. >> i can't believe they'ree bing allotowed drive down this road. >> oh! >> oh. >> you saw that coming but you didn't see that coming. stu ju go speeding head long into oblivion, what do you think is going to happen? now, sadly, that's not the only one. that guy crashes into a line of cars that -- in front of him. >> oh. >> oh. >> were they rear ended? >> yes, they were rear-ended. you might as well drive with a blindfold because that's about as close as you'll get. >> where are the authorities? >> i don't know. it does seem -- to be a little bit fair, at first it was just some smoky conditions and then suddenly the road completely went blank with white smoke. can't see a thing. but don't you see that coming?
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now, icy wet road conditions, yet again people in a hurry, they can't slow down enough to be cautious. this guy passes in the left lane. trieso t get back into the right lane, the car hits a little bit of that slush and back and forth and back and forth until it winds up off the road and dunn a ditch. >> again, he's rushing trying to get somewhere and now he's not going to get there at all because he wasn't careful? >> you want to believe maybe the roads are just wet and they don't look snowy or icy but you never know what little bit of snow or ice is left on the road that will catch you out and put you in a ditch. an assistant principal at alhambra, california, reportedly resigned after this video went viral. >> i recently found out where a former teacher of mine has been working. >> this is 28-year-old jamie who uses the youtube name jamie "x" and in the video she claims that a former middle schoolteacher of hers sexually abused her.
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>> the statute of limitations has already run out. so, i decided i'm going to call her to get some answers from her. >> she identifies that teacher as andrea cardoza. >> she works as an assistant principal, by the way, she's no longer a teacher. >> she gets the woman she claims abused her on the phone. >> good morning, how can i help you? >> this is jamie. you're an assistant principal, huh? >> yes. >> so, what happens when a student comes in and says that they're having sexual relationship with a teacher? >> that would involve law enforcement. >> so, how's that any different from what you did when i was little? >> it's not. >> she doesn't deny it. >> the woman on the other end of the line does not deny it. and, in fact, goes into detail a little bit further. >> i was only 12 years old when i met you.
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you realize that you brainwashed me and you manipulated me. and that what you did was wrong? >> yes. and i regret it. >> she says, yes. yes, i regret it. >> you should be so ashamed and so disgusted with yourself. >> i am. i am. >> wow. to me it sounds like the assistant principal sort of knew this day was going to come eventually. >> how [ bleep ] dare you? >> i regret it every day. >> as soon as this video hit the internet as you can imagine it got a ton of attention. shared hundreds and hundreds of times but it's also garnering a lot of support for this woman from the online community. jamie spoke at a press conference about the attention the video is getting. >> it took a lot for me to come forward, but i kept thinking about my own kids and how i wouldn't want anything to happen to them. >> the alhambra unified school
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district did send a letter to parents say that alhambra high school administration contacted the alhambra police department upon discovering the link. the administrator resigned after being interviewed. and they say it's been passed to the proper authorities. as long as there are cats there will also be a cat rescue. this cat managed to get itself up a power pole. >> oh, no. >> watch out. >> that cat makes it from that one area to another no problem. the smart rescue team managed to grab her and put her in the rescue bag. >> the cat's in the bag now. >> shut down the power you think in this area? >> probably wanted to do the right procedures. the good thing is you did notice it was wearing a collar. it was also microchipped so when they scanned it, they found the information to its owners. they immediately called them and this is a moment where kitty cat whose name is actually char is reunited with her family.
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>> the cat has no idea how close it was to being charred. now another rescue, this one right here. there was a fisherman on the leak and saw this owl under this water channel. he thought it was a plastic owl that people use sometimes to scare pigeons away. but he says as he got closer the owl wasn't moving except its head, it kept following him wherever he was going, so he realized in this moment the owl really wasn't moving. >> owls aren't known to be water birds. >> no. >> fortunately this guy greg d madrigal walked up to it. to calm it. >> beautiful. >> mesmerizing. and eventually we see a man walk up with a towel and drape over the owl. once the towel is around the owl, he very easily picks it up, so it's possible that it was injured. >> owl. >> it looks like a ranger at the lake ends up taking the owl. they do say at the very end of the video it is going to be taken to a rehab center.
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i think it's fair to say that we see our share fair of, like, shaky video on the show and it's forgivable because sometimes you're in extreme circuncmstaes and you can't hold your camera. this is not just somebody with shaky video syndrome. >> shaking here, right? but we might have a bit of an earthquake going on here. a very big earthquake, in fact. >> that is an earthquake at the greyhound racetrack, but the race goes on and not only that listen to the play-by-play man, keep very co going under wayere unfortunately the monitor has fallen on me but i shall pick it up. >> the dogs keep going, too. i think he said the monitor has fallen on me. >> the monitor has fallen on me. i managed to pick it up. >> i can kind of tell you what's going on. and goes on with the play by play. >> talking about being cool
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under pressure. the dude is calm about it, guts of steel. >> the guy, the announcer, but also the dogs which are chasing at the rabbit thing that goes around the track. >> dogs know about stuff is going to happen on the planet and they know when a tidal wave is going to happen and they probably thought i'm going to get a little treat. >> driving on the inside. >> give credit to the camera man, too, because he got most of that race except for the beginning. >> right. >> that guy stayed with it. >> very serious earthquake here. a man gets taken down. >> oh, man. h>> wat was that person looking at? >> how it's his livelihood that got wiped out. and dude's got a lunker. >> i'm telling you this is a big mother [ bleep ] fish. >> they are starting to say they may need to drill a bigger hole. >> see the monster he pulls up from down below. >> gosh, it looks like the lake just gave birth!
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sometimes you are just out doing your job and somebody is not paying attention and your livelihood ends up being a big old pile of garbage. in security footage from a street in malaysia looks like a lovely little residential neighborhood, a quiet residential neighborhood and then this little fella pedals up and he's a food vender got a wig
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pile of food on the bact of his bike. >> shoot. >> what was that person looking at? >> exactly. this guy is stopped in the middle of the road and it's broad daylight and if you walk at it closely the woman just plows right through them. >> and now his stuff is splattered all over the floor. probably can't sell it now. >> his livelihood ends up being a pile of garbage. a complete mess. the food vendor does pop right back up. the car luckily does stop. but keep watching because the woman who was driving the car comes over to check on the guy. you think that she's being a good samaritan and making sure that everything is okay but it looks like she starts arguing with the guy blaming him for the accident. >> you got to be really creative to come up with that argument because it's not a good one. >> she can argue all she wants, the video's pretty clear. it doesn't look like he's hurt. >> he's not hurt. >> which is good. >> that is the good thing.
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let's go under the sea. under the red sea to be exact. to dough dive on the "ss cecil gorm" wreck it was a bitish navy ship sunk in 1941 by german bomber planes. this thing is a pretty famous wrecked dive and it is so cool because of all the things that went down with the ship. look what's on board this thing. you'll see transport trucks. you'll see motorcycles that were due to be delivered to the battlefield. >> that is so fascinating! i love it! >> it's off the coast of egypt in the red sea. speaking of treasures from the deep, head on over to ontario, canada, we got this one from our friends at juking video. >> i'm telling you, this is a big mother [ bleep ] fish. >> a couple of guys are out ice fishing and there's a monster beneath that ice. >> do you remember earlier when we were setting up and i said today you would catch the
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biggest trout, like, you've ever caught? >> yeah. >> i called it. >> they are starting to think they may need to drill a bigger hole. >> oh, my gosh, that [ bleep ] is not coming through the hole. wow. whoa. >> he's not coming through the hole. >> oh, my god. oh, my gosh. >> what? >> i don't think they epected to catch a fish this size. >> oh! oh, scram, oh! ! >> oh, my goodness, what the heck? >> whoa! gosh it looks like the lake just gave birth! >> that is a 43.75-inch lake trout. they call it a near world record. not quite a world record. but i feel bad every time i see these big guys get pulled out. >> i am sad for him but he is a big old fella. >> i feel bad, too, but they were so good. >> yeah. >> a little trouble.
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>> that's a [ bleep ] good fisherman. it's a quad copter like you've never seen. f what's that thing on top o he quad copter? >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come, we've got a couple of videos lighting up the web. >> that's the guy who stole parts of the finger. that's him. >> we'll explain that last part next. a kidnapping and beat-down in the elevator, and the blood -- >> splattered all over the -- oh! >> whsee at's really going on "right this minute."
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people absolutely love spectacular weather film caught on camera. this particular moment is getting attention around the world. as you can tell when the video picks up, there's a storm abreuinabreu
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i brewing. that's the christ the redeemer statue in rio in brazil a very popular landmark. yeep eourye on it. >> right on it. >> the tallest thing in the area, right? that's usually what attracts lightning. >> you hear the person behind the camera just gasp and let out a sigh because they saw this moment happen. and, in fact, this ended up damaging the statue slightly. onef othe fingers ended up falling off as a result of this lightning strike but they are going to begin a restoration process. >> what if you went down around there and located it? that would be quite a souvenir. i think it's about the size of this table, right? still although consider you would be stealing a piece of the christ the redeemer statue. >> i think lightning strikes you, though, if you do that. >> pretty sure that's on the list of commandments, right?
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the bad weather continuned i parts of brazil, another spectacular weather moment caught on camera. >> that's the guy who stole parts of the finger! that's the house. tough can't get big shoe on bed. ♪ >> close enough. ♪ >> got to get your head in the game. time to get your laugh on because vitale is doing it again, another prank, and this one i have to say is probably my new favorite. oh. he's pouring fake blood on somebody and tieing him up because he's playing a prank on people who are job seekers. they're going for an interview but on the way to the interview they run into a russian hit man.
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>> you got the perfect guy to play that part vitale. >> what is this? >> go! >> this guy ii gve him the award for running away fathe stest. >> oh! >> oh, my god. >> the blood. >> splattered all over the -- oh! >> it looked like he has a drill in his hand and he goes after the guy. this guy goes i ain't sticking around to figure out whatted. >> what i love about this one vitale shows us the people it didn't work on. >> he got on with two dead bo bodies. >> and was laughing. >> how do you immediately know it is fake? >> this girl is my absolute favorite, my best reaction. >> wait. >> oh, wait a minute.
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>> she knew vitale. >> the next guy, you see, really thinks something is going on. >> what the [ bleep ]is going on? what th let go of him now! >> oh. >> what are you doing? it's a prank, it's a prank. i pull pranks. it's a prank. >> he's a boxer. he was ready to throw down. >> you are looking at [ bleep ]. move over, miley. there's a new star crashing through. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> this is definitely one of those moments where you realize you can't unsee this. >> yep. i really wish that i didn't have eyes right w. >> uh-huh. >> see how ron jeremy is getting on the ball-and-chain video. last year was the biggest flu
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around the house. this season, help protect your family with lysol. start healthing here's a video i actually think you'll like. this one is in south africa. this guy is going to go paragliding for the first time. he's got his engine. he's revving it up. he looks pretty legit. >> he's got all the gear he needs. >> there go the wing up into the air. go, go, go! >> oh, no, now he's just running. he's literally just running on the sand. abort, abort, abort! >> he aborts, all right, right into those bushes. >> he had no lift at all. >> isn't that -- what's that thing supposed to do anyway? is it supposed to -- >> supposed to provide lift to make it fly.
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>> right? >> why choose this particular crowded beach to do this at? i mean, you shouldn't be around buildings or anything. if you don't -- if you're not sure about what you're doing. >> this isn't the first time. >> yeah. >> go somewhere where you could fail and nobody sees. >> whoa. opossums like to cool off in pools. >> shoot a scene. >> why not? for whatever reason it seems like groups of girls nowadays are taking pole dancing classes together like a bachelorette classes. troutman, have you? >> i have not. i have not done that. >> this video here could be a ndremioer t leave thele po dancing to the professionals, this is at a dance hall party. they've got themselves a makeshift pole here that this lady in the blue is going to
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entertain the crowd. but watch when she goes up -- >> oh! >> i don't know how this thing was attached to the ceiling. >> i don't think it was! i think that thing was not meant for pole dancing. think that might have just been a decoration. >> she looks like she's okay, it was attached in some way. but i got another video for you guys not to be outdone by the oft nude miley cyrus, the oft nude ron jeremy decided to do his own version of miley's very famous now "wrecking ball" video, you are wondering, does this video include, i don't know, licking of the sledgehammer, yes, it does. this is one of those moments you realize you can't unsee this. >> i really wish i didn't have eyes right now. >> this video, wow, it's out there. this thing was put together by
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spoken rad out of portland, oregon. >> oh, he's in tighty-whities. >> yeah. >> they are blown out in the back. >> uf wouyou would like to see . if the tighty-whities were off, you know in the miley video she's nude on the wrecking ball. and ron he's got, like, some nude-colored briefs on to sort of look as though he's not wearing anything on the wrecking ball. ♪ all i want is to wreck your wall ♪ ♪ all you ever did was wreck wreck me ♪ >> no shame. >> oh, ron. >> holy crap he's ugly. >> that's it for "rtm" we're going to leave you with a music video that's climbing the charts. it's john newman's "love me again." enjoy. need to know now know now do you love me ♪


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